Episode 47: Scaling Requires Next-Level Leaders

Many of your frustrations at work are all rooted in the same issue: the inability of leaders below your Executive Team to cascade your Vision down into the organization, hold themselves and their people accountable, inspire high-performing teams, and ultimately execute your strategic plan. Weak or under-developed Next-Level Leaders are roadblocks to strategic execution, and their struggles make your job exponentially more frustrating.

Join us for Episode 47 as we put Patsy Feeman, one of our own show hosts, directly in the spotlight to address the importance of developing your Next-Level Leaders, where to start, and how to set them all up for ongoing success.

In This Episode

6:03 What happens when leaders are being promoted

13:10 Preparing leaders moving into a new position

21:35 External resources for next level leaders

32:03 Connecting before communicating

45:16 Importance of emotional intelligence for delegation


Patsy’s email: patsy@newlegendsnow.com

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