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Episode 26: The Impact of Strategic Alignment on Organizational Trust and Culture

Strategic Alignment is foundational to executing a business strategy, but what impact, if any, does strategic alignment have on organization-wide trust? Or company culture? Join Leb, Patsy and Patrick...

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Episode 25: Building a Strategic Framework that Inspires a Culture of Innovation

Innovation. You want it. You need it. How do you get it? It starts by accepting that innovation is an output, the result of creating the right environment within...

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Episode 24: Are You Listening? Leadership. – Interview with Kammy Horne, Senior Vice President Development with VIA Metropolitan Transit 

Being CEO has rarely been more challenging. With unstable markets, hybrid work, employee resignations, and global instability, all eyes are squarely on you for answers. Before you give them,...

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Episode 23 – Tips for Better Strategic Execution

As many as 90% of companies with a strategic plan admit to falling short of fully executing it, and upward of 40% admit to never even starting. We’ve even...

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Episode 22 – Leadership & Life Lessons from Bball to Crypto to NFTs with Kumbeno Memory

Great leadership creates sports dynasties and business empires, while poor leadership undermines talented athletes and business professionals, alike. Because leadership is leadership, whether on the basketball court, in the...

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Episode 21: The Link Between Culture and High Performance – with Dan Denison

Just when you thought you knew how to build a high-performance culture, everything changed. Between, the pandemic, The Great Resignation, Gen Z demanding work-with-purpose, hybrid and remote work, and...

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Behind The Mic

Leb Tannenbaum

Show Host

Leb has worked inside as an executive and outside as a consultant over the past 32 years and has a passion for making what appears to be complex, simply powerful.

Patrick Lyons

Show Host

Patrick Lyons is a business consultant, coach, speaker and writer based in Salem, Oregon helping leaders and companies achieve more than ever before.

Patsy Feeman

Show Host

Patsy brings a systems perspective to helping leaders identify gaps in organizational and leadership performance. 

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