Episode 13: Interview with Teri Johnson and Doug Lacher, Partners at Fellner & Kuhn

What happens when 4 individual contributors are given the all-or-none-of-you option of purchasing an accounting firm with decades of...

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Episode 12: Interview with Marc Reifenrath of Spinutech

What CEO of a successful and growing company would risk upsetting the apple cart by merging with another firm,...

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Episode 11: Interview with Carmen Bianco and Loriann Hoffman of NYC Transit

As CEO of New York City Transit, the busiest people-moving system in the world, Carmen Bianco led 50,000 employees...

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Episode 10: Interview with Ben Pring, VP, Head of Thought Leadership & Managing Director – Center for the Future of Work

Grab a pad and pen and be ready to take notes on this one! Award-winning author and global business...

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Episode 9: Leadership Presence with Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, Founder of The Leadership Presence Lab + True Self Presence Consulting, comes on the show to discuss...

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Episode 8: interview with Mark Williams of Brokers International

Mark Williams, CEO of Brokers International and author of Lead, Don’t Manage: 12 Lessons in Creating a Leadership Culture Based...

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