Episode 30: What if Your Employees Were Volunteers?

Employee average tenure declined again according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest figures, continuing an almost decade-long trend....

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Episode 29: Data as a Strategic Asset – Interview with Desh Urs

According to a recent poll, 83% of CEOs want their organizations to use more data in the decision-making process....

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Episode 28: I Went to 7-11 to Get a Shirt: The Power of Storytelling in Business

Stories. We’re drawn to them. Entertained by them. Educated through them. Challenged by them. History is passed down through...

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Episode 27: Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

When’s the last time you seriously thought about your exit from your business? Not in fantasy, but in a...

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Episode 26: The Impact of Strategic Alignment on Organizational Trust and Culture

Strategic Alignment is foundational to executing a business strategy, but what impact, if any, does strategic alignment have on...

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Episode 25: Building a Strategic Framework that Inspires a Culture of Innovation

Innovation. You want it. You need it. How do you get it? It starts by accepting that innovation is...

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