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Episode 13: Interview with Teri Johnson and Doug Lacher, Partners at Fellner & Kuhn

What happens when 4 individual contributors are given the all-or-none-of-you option of purchasing an accounting firm with decades of history in a primarily male-dominated industry?  Check out this episode...

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Episode 12: Interview with Marc Reifenrath of Spinutech

What CEO of a successful and growing company would risk upsetting the apple cart by merging with another firm, slowing sales and firing clients in the middle of a...

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Episode 11: Interview with Carmen Bianco and Loriann Hoffman of NYC Transit

As CEO of New York City Transit, the busiest people-moving system in the world, Carmen Bianco led 50,000 employees with an annual budget above $10 billion dollars. At the...

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Episode 10: Interview with Ben Pring, VP, Head of Thought Leadership & Managing Director – Center for the Future of Work

Grab a pad and pen and be ready to take notes on this one! Award-winning author and global business thought-leader Ben Pring joins the show to address the hottest...

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Episode 9: Leadership Presence with Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, Founder of The Leadership Presence Lab + True Self Presence Consulting, comes on the show to discuss your presence as a leader.  As a CEO, your presence...

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Episode 8: interview with Mark Williams of Brokers International

Mark Williams, CEO of Brokers International and author of Lead, Don’t Manage: 12 Lessons in Creating a Leadership Culture Based on Core Values, joins Patrick, Patsy and Leb for an...

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Episode 7: Challenges of Simplified Strategic Planning in a Digital World

 In this episode we will be examining the frustrating challenges of leading your organization with on – point strategic planning in a world of constant change and executing effectively...

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Episode 6: Was It Really A Bad Hire

Too often, new employees hired with high expectations struggle, fail and “flame out” within the first two years, almost always leading someone to suggest “that was a bad hire!”....

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Episode 5: The Cost of Poor Strategy Execution . . . Can you afford it?

The return on your strategic planning effort is how successful and ongoing your strategy execution process is. If your process is poor or uneven it is costing you valuable...

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Episode 4: H.o.t. Communication

H.O.T. communication first showed up in the National Football League.  In this episode of the Frustrated CEO, we will explore the benefits and challenges of implementing this easier said than...

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