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Episode 8: interview with Mark Williams of Brokers International

Mark Williams, CEO of Brokers International and author of Lead, Don’t Manage: 12 Lessons in Creating a Leadership Culture Based on Core Values, joins Patrick, Patsy and Leb for an...

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Episode 7: Challenges of Simplified Strategic Planning in a Digital World

 In this episode we will be examining the frustrating challenges of leading your organization with on – point strategic planning in a world of constant change and executing effectively...

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Episode 6: Was It Really A Bad Hire

Too often, new employees hired with high expectations struggle, fail and “flame out” within the first two years, almost always leading someone to suggest “that was a bad hire!”....

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Episode 5: The Cost of Poor Strategy Execution . . . Can you afford it?

The return on your strategic planning effort is how successful and ongoing your strategy execution process is. If your process is poor or uneven it is costing you valuable...

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Episode 4: H.o.t. Communication

H.O.T. communication first showed up in the National Football League.  In this episode of the Frustrated CEO, we will explore the benefits and challenges of implementing this easier said than...

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Episode 3: Lead Yourself First

Leading yourself first is important work that supports you to effectively and successfully lead others as you direct the organization. It costs you and your organization for you to...

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Behind The Mic

Leb Tannenbaum

Show Host

Leb has worked inside as an executive and outside as a consultant over the past 32 years and has a passion for making what appears to be complex, simply powerful.

Patrick Lyons

Show Host

Patrick Lyons is a business consultant, coach, speaker and writer based in Salem, Oregon helping leaders and companies achieve more than ever before.

Patsy Feeman

Show Host

Patsy brings a systems perspective to helping leaders identify gaps in organizational and leadership performance. 

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